About Us

First and foremost, we would like to declare that we are not part of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi’s MMM. We don’t belong to any of the national structures of MMM, and we are not related to Mr. Mavrodi in any way.
Yes, we respect Mr. Mavrodi and follow his ideology from the bottom of our heart and soul. He is a source of inspiration behind the concept of FREEDOM. And we can’t thank him enough for giving this world the idea and ideology of MMM.

Freedom is an international community of people providing financial help to one another on the principle of goodwill and mutual benefit. All members are honest in their dealings with one another and care for each other. This community is carefully designed for people who want to change their lives and those who want to challenge themselves. This community provides a platform for members to expand their possibilities and at the same time helping to make people's dreams come true. Only by coming together and joining our hands can we be able to alleviate ourselves from the stresses of this financially distressed world.

It is important for participants to know that this is only a social financial network. Whoever participates does so for ideological reasons. Participants share money with other participants voluntarily. There are no guarantees or promises. For as long as participants continue to make voluntary donations, all participants will be able to receive donations when they need it.

The International community of Mavrodians is looking for a reliable, stable system with a promising future. The main goal of MMM FREEDOM is to unite global people to erect an ideal system that can fulfill this mass requirement in order to develop such a system, mission of continuing the life-changing ideology of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi. We appeal to unite people from every corner of the world to join hands together.
The message is simple; BELIEVE, HOPE, PEACE, FAITH and LOVE. If we join hands as a single community for a single cause, this system will be virtually collision free, and we will actually have a FREEDOM.